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Tax law and tax disputes

Compliance with the tax code has always been indispensable to operating a successful company.  During periods of economic crises, as the government’s deficit increases, so too does the government’s enforcement of tax laws. Mineev & Partners has the experienced corporate tax attorneys that corporations need to thrive.

The Mineev & Partners vigorously protects our clients' interests in front of the Federal Tax Service and courts. It is proven that preventive measures, like ensuring strict tax code compliance, is the best way to protect a corporation from a tax audit. Further, our attorneys work to evaluate a business plan’s tax risk and ascertain the tax liabilities stemming from a proposed transaction.

Our experts provide the following legal services:

Consult and advise our clients on proposed and enacted tax laws;

Assess corporate tax liabilities stemming from a proposed transaction or decision;

Support management in the event of a Federal Tax Service audit or other administrative action;

Representation of corporations in front of Federal Tax Service and related federal agencies, including appeals to the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation;

Protect corporate officers and directors from liability in disputes stemming from tax controversies.