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Tax law and tax disputes

     The company activity according to the tax legislation requirements and it's practical usage has always been one of the base for stable and secure business. During the crisis period when the governmental budget is lack of tax revenues, and the tax authorities' attention is getting more precise, the need in experienced tax support significantly increases.
      The Bar barristers effectively protect our clients' interests within the tax authorities and courts. As one can see, the preventive measures - that could either way exclude the claims arising on the inspections results of the tax authorities - are more effective. We also estimate the business solutions in terms of tax risks, analyze and determine the tax implications of the planned transactions.
       Our experts provide the following legal services:
  • consulting on the tax legislation application;
  • tax assessment of the company transactions and decisions in terms of tax implications and risks;
  • legal support in holding of the desk and field audits, and other tax control measures;
  • legal protection of the clients' interests at all stages of tax disputes including the appeal to the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation;
  • representing of the company officers' interests in the administrative disputes arising out of the tax relations.