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Labor law practice

The Bar "Mineev and partners" offers a full scope of services in the labor consulting and human resource audit:

  • consulting on the labor law and HR administration;
  • HR audit (labor audit);
  • setting and recovery of the company HR administration;
  • developing of the local internal documents forms (regulations, labor contracts, job descriptions, etc.);
  • developing of the optimum schemes of the relationships with employees (including the personnel leasing, preparation and signing of the collective agreements, etc.);
  • developing of the optimum schemes of holding and maintaining of various HR activities (downsizing, company reorganization, liquidation, etc.);
  • mediation settlement of the collective and individual labor disputes;
  • representing the interests of the parties in the court, state and public organizations;
  • assisting to the organizations in obtaining permits to hire foreign employees and work permits for foreigners.
Compliance with the labor legislation is one of the priorities in the corporate policy. Increasing legal literacy of the employees in the employment law issues, strengthening role of the social partnership in the employment relations and increasing governmental control on the protection of the employees' rights results in the sharp increase in the number of labor disputes, significant increase in the level of penalties, and thus increased need for protecting the labor relations parties' interests.

In order to minimize the risks of such disputes, get the desired outcome at their occurance and eliminate the risk of the penalties imposition one should take appropriate measures at the stage of the of labor relations registration. Insufficient attention to the minor on their face requirements of labor legislation (in HR administration, compliance with the labor protection law, the proper definition of each employee function, etc.) can lead to extremely negative consequences up to criminal liability.