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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights need to be protected vigorously because any unauthorized use of intellectual property is likely to cause serious losses to the copyright holder, adversely affect a brand or business’ reputation. Well-known brands, nationally and internationally known corporations, famous entertainers and small businesses who hold copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets suffer from unfair competitive practices surrounding their intellectual property.

Detection and enjoinment of unauthorized use of intellectual property is a partial measure that can and should be taken. However, to collect monetary damages, the owner of the intellectual property must prove how much financial damage it has incurred as a result of the violation, which is a complicated legal task. Typically, the violator refuses to cooperate and provide requested evidence. When there is the insufficient evidence the copyright violators can avoid financial liability in court.

Upon detection of unauthorized use of intellectual property, the task of proving financial damages incurred is a sophisticated legal inquiry that requires an expert attorney’s help.

What should you do if your intellectual property has been used without permission? Contact the Mineev and Partners for a consultation to ascertain if your claim will succeed on the merits. Mineev and Partners’ experts will help you to find a solution, restore your infringed rights, enjoin continued violations by the offending party, and represent you to recover monetary damages stemming from the violation of your intellectual property.

Mineev and Partners’ barristers will also provide legal support to register exclusive intellectual property rights such as works of science, literature and art, performances, phonogram, broadcast, radio or television messages (broadcasting or cable organizations), inventions, useful models, industrial patterns, production secrets (know-how), brand names, trademarks and service marks, product origin names, and business names.