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Family disputes

At getting married people hardly think that after a while they can get involved in the very unpleasant family disputes related to divorce.

Any family dispute is hard especially morally. The situation can get more complicated when the mutual marital property is divided, the parents decide on with whom the children will stay, the way of communication with them is determined, the alimony sum and payment order is set.

Due to the mutual offences and emotional sufferings spouses or former spouses are not always able to assess the situation detached and make the right decision.

Children are often the ones who suffer in these conflicts.

Settling the disputes related to children the law is focusing on several points, the main of which is the child's interests.
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At the family disputes solving related to the property of the spouses it is necessary to know that the Family Code establishes the principle of equality of the spouses' shares in the joint property.
The family disputes include:
  •  the establishment/appeal of paternity;
  • disputes on the parenting/determination of the communication order and the child's place of residence;
  • alimony payments;
  • termination of parental rights;
  • divorce, without participation of the parties as well;
  • division of the marital property;
  • determination of the child's place of residence;
  • termination or restriction of parental rights;
  • drawing up of a marriage contract;
  • family dispute can be settled not only in the court but peacefully as well.