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Disputes settlement precedents

At the occurrence of a disputable situation which is to be settled in the Arbitration court or the courts of general jurisdiction we can prosecute the case.

Provided that the following set of services is to be rendered:

  • Preliminary conclusion on the case court perspective based on the provided information;
  • Consulting on the issues arising during the case proceeding (questions on the possible judicial decision options, documents analysis, consulting on the procedural matters);
  • Arranging of the necessary procedural documents: claims, complaints, claims appeal/recall, appeal/cassation petitions, appeal/recall on the appeal/cassation petitions, motions, applications and other documents;
  • Representation of the client's interests in the court
     Moreover the Bar experts are suggesting a set of services on the enforcement proceeding,  including:
       - execution of the enforcement documents;
       - arranging of the documents necessary for the judgment execution;  
       - control over the court marshal actions;
       - searching of the debtor's property;
       - examining the documentation on the enforcement proceeding; 
       - presence at the court marshal's actions;
       - appeal of the court marshal's actions (omission); 
       - participating in the debtor's property realization;
     - activities on the bringing of a debtor to responsibility for the malicious evasion of the enforcement document execution;   
       - other necessary activities.