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Corporate law and juridical legal support

The Bar experts provide the following services on the corporate disputes and conflicts settlement:

- monitoring of the actions legality of the Business unit management bodies; 
- mediation settlement of the corporate conflicts (between the participants and the Business unit, between the participants/stock holders);
- legal disputes on the corporate law (appeal of the major deals and interested party transactions, appeal of the judgments of the Business unit management bodies, discovery of the Business unit documents, appeal of the organizational documents, emission invalidation, privatization disputes, other stock holders' and interested parties' interests protection);  
- setting of the measures on the hostile takeover protection;
- companies-debtors bankruptcy;
- debtors detection and enforced debts collection;
- invalidation of the transactions made by the companies-debtors management for stripping of the assets;
- disputes settlement between the business partners;
- apportion participatory share at the withdrawal from the business corporation members.

Our corporate disputes barristers will provide you the full scope of juridical services in this sphere including: 

- consulting on the optimum business legal structure of the legal body, its management bodies structure, on the profit distribution options;
- checking of the organizational documents on their compliance with the legislation and feasibility according to the settled relations between the establishers; arranging of the organizational documents upon individual request;
- registration of the legal bodies with any business legal structure, registration of the organizational documents modification;
- full support of the stock issue;
- arranging of the corporate documents (minutes, orders, regulations, etc);
- assistance in arranging and holding of the board of directors, regular and irregular general meetings of the members (share holders);
- legal support of the legal body deals;
- legal support of all deals with LLC and JSC shares.