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Copyright and Intellectual Property

 A variety of intellectual property rights need to be protected as any illegal use of intellectual property objects is likely to cause serious losses to the copyright holder, adversely affect the image or business reputation. In most cases copyright holders suffer from the unfair competition which the well-known brands, nationally and internationally known companies, popular singers as well as less public copyright holders are subject to.

Detecting and preventing the rights violation is only a partial measure that can and should be taken. In practice, the copyright holders face the impossibility to prove the amount of financial liability which the offender must hold. Typically, the violators ignore the requests for providing the evidence of violation volume important to the copyright holders. In court, when there is the insufficient evidentiary basis the violators can easily avoid the financial liability.

At detection of the intellectual property rights violation, proving of the losses incurred amount or estimating of the violation in monetary terms is a hard and laborious work that requires an expert legal approach only.

What should you do if you have faced a violation of your exclusive rights? Address with this question to MCBA "Mineev and partners" barristers, and you will avoid the most common mistake of the copyright holders - the groundless claims. MCBA "Mineev and partners" experts will help you to find a solution, restore the infringed rights, prevent the violations committed by the third parties, and justify the monetary compensation for the exclusive rights violation.

MCBA "Mineev and partners" barristers also provide the legal support for the implementation of the exclusive intellectual property rights such as works of science, literature and art; performances; phonogram; broadcast, radio or television messages (broadcasting or cable organizations); inventions; useful models; industrial patterns; production secrets (know-how); brand names; trademarks and service marks; product origin names; business names.